Stream June 22, 2019

Join in soon and Market using https://kewlbeer' in the mean time join the stream and send comments to https://kewlbeer' The stream is using twitch follow enjoy.

The stream

It made it easier to function is now apart of what I do on my website. I still write and have plans on doing more. It has become a matter of how I balance time. When I do stream starting in the next ten to fifteen minutes, join it just follow this https://kewlbeer' them click [...]

Date life June 16, 2019 “Scratching”

I had a few girlfriends growing up and until my adult life. Living in a certain fashion, makes it a harder story to tell. You may have to do your homework to see what was real or not, and like many other men I thought ahead. I had real crushes with some that were out [...]

Date life

Having the good sense to not always touch may leave me scoreless. Remembering not to mention stuff like score of "bone" helps. For example, any person can say I remember all those people I "boned". So during my dating life I keep it private. Even if I feel that way like many of you may, [...]

Stream June 16,2019

While I make this bomb A%% chili enjoy the stream. Click this link https://kewlbeer' them enjoy me on twitch. Use this link to reach my channel.

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