Grand fisting : part one

I know all of you guys are ready to make "sweet love" to every women in my life or that I have ever seen and known. Don't ok, some of us may still have a chance at bro mance ok.

Date life, July 31, 2019

I am writing this as a somewhat journal / memoir / thoughts or story. This will be until I am in a somewhat committed relationship. Which for me poses a problem because I want to marry more than one women. As a pioneer of love I tell the details of some of my life. I [...]

No rap

I lost my ability to rap. It bothers me because now the music sound s different to me. I must have been cursed just recently. I used to freestyle. Nothing like being cursed until your talents suffer. All of it is gone now and it bothers me. It was part of my personality. The same [...]

Join the stream July 28, 2019

I plan on using my website for more than just streaming. Until then join the stream follow https://kewlbeer' to reach the website and this post, then follow Stay on the lookout for kewlbeer'd radio or kewlbeer' radio.


Being new to making a website and finding that internet predators are frequent has lead to the bitter taste in my mouth. " You can also update the page with any CSS or other HTML such as a link to your website. " I got that from the website that I got my radio player [...]

Good idea

I should be restarting my radio station within the next few weeks. After having a harder than expected time setting it up I chose to end it and give myself some time. The messages I received afterwards then prompted me to come up with another idea. I want to create podcast based on gaming. Gaming [...]

Brother from another

Experiencing the bro-mance and try to keep my distance. As I imagine it, it may be as difficult as trying to ask a woman for a date. I imagine it like this" I approach and your sitting there and I sit beside you tempted but not rushing and I say" "Do you want to get [...]

Mandriscoe’s prophecy: Mandriscoe vs. The erect sons

In the beginning there was Mandriscoe.... And with loud peels of thunder and lightning a voice speaks in incoherent and frantic pace "we each have account". The fact of the matter is that I do not mean to be anymore sacrilegious than they mean to be religious. My mind centers back to the medial task [...]

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