Date life 01_15_2019

I think over my actions in regards of me trying to pull of one of the most daring moves in history. Not just in trying to prove I am royalty, but in marrying more than one women. The concept boggles the mind." Like will it be" or proving I am not being funny Marrying a [...]

Mandrisoce and the erect sons

"I am not Mandriscoe and the debate is still on rather I am the erect son, one day it may be your choice to see if I was the erect son you thought I was so until then.... " I plan on being the most hated person to go to hell and in order to [...]

Development of money: games

I knew I would experience setbacks, and this one is self imposed. I just spent money on two games setting me back a few dollars. Now the point will be to replace what I spent, stack more of what I need, and then prepare for another bill. Will it be worth it? The worth is [...]

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