Vampire 4 30 2021

“The creeping sensation of annoyance will one day become some diagnosed pain.” He thought, and standing in the shade did little to change the mood or temperature. The feeling of Deja vu on top of Deja Vu settling his nerves into a frenzy. Not bothered by the wait but more the fact that sleep was short and the mistake of trying to go back to sleep after waking up made him feel a “type” of burn. As the line dwindled down He accepted his currency in the form of a check which he knew he could then cash or deposit at a nearby bank

Her cowled features settled on his brow, She again watched from the shadows with a near sense of memory of the first time she noticed him. Long gone were the feelings of longing, but what did remain was a strong feeling of “something” and a sense of arousal mixed in with hate. In the shadows the soon coming dusk played across a smooth and awkwardly plain face. She watched as he distanced himself in long strides. She could feel his thoughts of “Bank” and currency and followed.

When he settled down in the chair he intended to spend as much as he could to feel drunk enough to sleep. He watched the news again as the Market coverage spoke about the soon to come “Internet” and the effect it would have on the market main stream. His interested eyes settled on the shape he notice before as he looked from monitor to her to her then the monitor. Shocked when she spoke “Hello”

“The conversation was surprisingly interesting but not because of the words but more the sense of “her” “She” had a strong presence but seemed distant. He did not fuss when she seemed to be flirting with someone who happened to jump into the conversation.”

“Her face masked the way she felt, she said things that seemed like they matched. She had followed and not spoke to him for maybe a week that she barely remembered. She looked at him and did not see a person. She whispered and became excited at his attention. She spoke but did not care about what. She looked and did not feel wrong when she whispered and attracted someone to “their” conversation. The person she had began to see didn’t care for the fact that someone else was there he tried to fumble her blouse. “He” cared even less as she touched his hands. Before either could interject she looked.

He giggled wildly for five minutes as she walked off with another man. He could not see where the conversation went wrong. He felt strange and almost embarrassed about his large outburst of laughter. Which only made him laugh more about what happened. He did not miss the newcomer nor her for the moment.

The articles will read about this mysterious death. As it looked as if the unidentified body may have been torn apart by maybe a pack of wild animals or just one large one. The way it was described says that not much was left of his face and the cruel twisting of his body said that he possibly could have been torn or pulled apart by something or ran over by a car. They could have given details about the attack but it was not enough blood on the scene to confirm it. People would understand how these things could be confused

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