I got an itch 10/14/2020 By David Vaughn Unedited / Unrevised

Jim: From his view point a party was a party and that party would not be a party until it was as many people as would fit into the tiny apartment.

With his somewhat inebriated mind he knew that only a few people would be ready to drive him home. Not being sure of who would be there at nights end and even less sure of who would be ready to drive him home was the last thing on his mind.

From where he stood this may have well been as good as any to crash for the night so he felt the safest thing he could do was drink. Not wanting to not fit in.

The cool nights air felt a bit dry to him and he lazily wiped the sweat from his brow…

Bob: Giving Jim a worried glance he had to stifle a laugh, not too many times had he knew this person to not enjoy a drink. He only worried because of the swaying his friend was doing early into his binge. Noticing that his friend had stepped outside he wondered if Jim had done so to vomit. Preparing to get a head count of the victims below, he could see that he had not began to “url” but wipe sweat from his face. As he began to approach him he heard him muttering something about brains…

Marooney: The party was as successful as he would have hoped it to be. A fair balance, not enough guys that it was a sausage fest and not to many women that they may not decide to let them stag it for the night.

He watched one of them blank facing a screen trying to hear the conversation. He pretended to not notice her and turned his attention towards the screen. “A car that looked like a emergency vehicle had been burned with people around it” with out the volume down he could not tell the cause. Maybe for the best, not as if his city was doing much better. With local riots and incidents of biting he felt that worrying right now would not let him enjoy the fun….

Jim: Having recovered from his bout of fatigue he watched his friend saunter over to him. Trying to avoid the all to cliché of clinking bottles he instead embraced his friend. Laughing he asked what is wrong?

Bob: Shocked he only felt relief and answered that he thought he “Jim” was sick.

Jim: He said “Naw” I ain’t got it but some of them might. He turned and pointed to the empty faces they both barley knew. He was saying that he heard some one mentioning something about brains being “juicy” There exact words may have been “they brains be juicy as f@#$.” Both of them chuckling at the humorous comment. Jim began explain the rumors he had heard…

Time is envitable in its pursuit… Things that had felt the cold grasp of death knew that time was no longer an object and that the slowness of Death was eternal. Creeping in and out of existence, but this the hunger was different it knew not Death or time it followed it prey with persistence This hunger this itch….

The Story: No one really understood how the fires had started. Feeling at first giddy with safety and warmth. Everyone seeing the ratio of Men to Women “comfortable” with a anything goes attitudes while they watched fires from the balcony.

The fires at first only seemed to be distant as they would wonder in and out of the small apartment.

 Not knowing who came up with the idea to not go out side as a small fight broke out. No one really panicked when it looked as if someone would rush into the party.

All of them at first jokingly saying “you weren’t  invited”. It was funny when they decided to break the rule and “try and let some one in”. It shocked no one to see they brought “others”. They would all thank whoever decide to barricade the doors. At first it did not seem like too much.

Time would pass

They would soon forget how much fun it was, probably when they begin to go mad from the persistent “Scratching”. A scratching that was to soft to be a man and to persistent to be normal, they would soon learn to fear the “sound” it grew quite…

The partiers knew the risk and after days of trying to figure out what wen wrong that first night. The even talked truthfully about how stupid it was that help could not come. The sad part was they were right.

“All they would have to do was come there, and figure out why they wanted to come in”. “scratch”

Maybe even tell them what made one of them bite someone.

The news copter did not land as they described a gruesome scene. It looked as near as any one could tell that the party had been raided possibly… It was unclear from this point and the story went along the lines of gruesome beatings or eatings and bodies that had been to badly mangeled to have climbed atop the high rise. Something more about hunger of “brains”

The police would not let any one enter and it had been days since anyone heard from the people inside. No one could understand why they would let “them” in. One cop said “ hmph” “ I guess he got an itch” “ Now that you mention it brains do sound good tonite…”

Published by David Vaughn

I am finished with my Graduate degree now I am hoping to enter into Doctoral college this fall now after starting and restarting transferring then starting again, but now unsure of my funds. I am in College now for my Phd and doing ok. This was my first website and now I have a radio station connected to it. The radio station is fanbaseradio and is apart of another website I now own. I am hoping to continue to grow my network and develop a marketing firm. kewlbeer'd marketing affiliate of fanbase.

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