” As she watched the unknown man from the bar. Her look of confusion slips into a grown or rather a cowl of hatred. The unsuspecting victim is not quite drunk but concerned because he does not remember leaving the bar. His slow movements and poor attempt at tracing back his steps only aid his pursuer”

“As she tails him she remembers that she paid at the bar. She did not “whisper or suggest that her drink was free” She left little trace other than what should be a normal occurence in a place like that. (An attractive woman alone at the bar. )She sees that she may have missed the opportunity for a free drink. Her life has moved well beyond the point of pleasantries. ”

“He is not afraid of the warm air and does not mind the short walk to his hotel. The ending of The conversation albeit abrupt does not anger him. Now that he is in the heat he feels that it may have been better to part. ”

“He feels that the idea of investing money may have been boring to anyone who did not know the language. ROI a simple acronym that could mean alot. He laughs because that is around where the conversation ended. As he sits down to light a cigarette he sees he forgot his lighter”

“He mindlessly chuckles as he thinks back to the straight guy named “David”. He does not care about sports but does talk about them. “David” mentions that he is somewhat of an athlete and that he smokes. The conversation was interesting because of the mixture. “David” mentions a deal or some bet. “David” also mentioned procurement. As fangs bite deep into his neck and he is violently snatched into an ally his muffled cry and some sickining sound can not be heard by passers by. “

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