I got an itch…

My sleep came for me early is what I will tell them at work. I will tell them there is no need for panic or hospitals. I am aware of whatever is going around but I have it under control. My health is my problem.

I feel that being late is bad but me having a funny odor can only make it worse. My scratches do not look worse but the itching is. I have more hard to reach places and I may like to bring my apparatus with me. I do not mind the stares at my scratches or raw skin. What I do like is their thoughts. I want to see the thinking people.

My hot skin is to hot for tap water. My armpits are bleeding and I think it is funny that they bleed there. I can skip this wash up. My sweat is burning and I am mad. I will not change my clothes now. They would not make it today like me.

My car is hot and my nose bleeds are new. My nose was stuffy but now it bleeds. Part of my scalp is missing.

I fell I guess is what I tell them. Amongst panicked and angry faces and one or two face mask. “My mind is okay” I shout no need I say, “I only want your think. My mind can be like yours.” I see many straight faces as I move away from people. I really want to be nearer to people. I know they have think.

I follow them I do not remember when they ran so I wait. Time is of no issue but I feel impatient. I knock on the doors hard! It is they think that I want. I mean brain, or maybe the feel of them like a touch. I think that I may have touched one or two people already. Not like when I was sick like they thought but how I like to now. With their minds.

Open up is not happening and yes I see that others may agree that brains are in there and it may be good to see them. My itching hurts and the scratches have gotten worse. My bleeding gums and sore teeth can not stop me from touching you. Screams do not scare me.

Brains and it seems like days. My scalp missing is not why they hide they say. I do not care for words I do not care about any thing. why do I follow them? Is it brains, I may need to see their minds to see how they think… I get it their brains are mind. I am very angry that they run. Your brains…

Their hits can not stop me and I am not afraid. My teeth may help the itching of my skin. I sleep here to be close to work I can see more people who thought I may have been sick. They can not see that brains or think can help them or me. I will find some and tell them, I can see that a few people may know the secret.

Published by David Vaughn

I am finished with my Graduate degree now I am hoping to enter into Doctoral college this fall now after starting and restarting transferring then starting again, but now unsure of my funds. I am in College now for my Phd and doing ok. This was my first website and now I have a radio station connected to it. The radio station is fanbaseradio and is apart of another website I now own. I am hoping to continue to grow my network and develop a marketing firm. kewlbeer'd marketing affiliate of fanbase.

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